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Indulge yourself with the Shiatsu at La Mamounia!

The Shiatsu (translated pressure of the fingers) is an energetic discipline practiced since centuries ago in the Far East.

It consists in a series of stretches and pressures applied to the whole body with a particular focus on acupuncture meridians.

From Friday April, 14th until Sunday 23rd, 2017, La Mamounia is delighted to welcome Claudine Weinmann, a specialist with more than 15 years of experience in this discipline.

The Shiatsu is a preventive relaxation method that aims your stress points in order to lower your anxiety and reinforce and stimulate your energetic system’s equilibrium for an indubitable sensation of physical and mental well-being…

A 60 minutes’ session for a profound and long-lasting feeling of alleviation. 

Claudine Weinmann had been formed in the european specilized school of “Shiatsu Yin Énergétique” then trained by the grand Hiroshi Iwaoka, creator of the myo-energy -which aims to reestablish the body balance by linking the muscular tension, joint pain and organic disorder- and Bernard Bouheret, founder of the Sei Shiatsu Dô, that alternates between subtlety and depth, rootedness and lightness, rhythm, movement and silence.

Information and Reservations:

Session of 60 minutes at 1500 MAD per person.

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