Gardens of

Stroll, dream and savour the passing time...

                            La Mamounia's alley

Different worlds

The majestic central alley is lined with ancient olive trees and two thousand rose bushes. The Menzeh Pavilion offers a peaceful setting in which to relax and let your mind wander. Dozens of orange and lemon trees stand in perfectly straight lines. Here and there, cactuses of all shapes and sizes bask in the sun.

Plentiful trees, plants and flowers

700 orange trees, 5,000 rose bushes, 21 cactus species, 6 palm trees species and 200 olive trees – impressive numbers, but together they combine to create a myriad of colours, fragrances, shapes and textures! Lemon trees, jacarandas, bougainvillea, amaranth, agaves, prickly pear trees and more. Each flowerbed and each orchard burst with beauty, filled with the perfect gifts of nature! The gardens of La Mamounia are unique and wonderfully natural, despite the fact that they have been crafted by the hands of passionate gardeners for almost a century!

These enchanting gardens evolve and are transformed with each passing day and season.

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