A very beautiful Story

A legendary

La Mamounia – a name such as dreams are made of, inspiring beautiful images and memories. Enter a world of refinement, elegance and excellence.

                            The entrance of La Mamounia

A beautiful history

Since 1923, La Mamounia has welcomed travellers from all over the world, both unknown and famous. The history of the establishment stretches as far back as the 12th century, when it stood protected behind the medieval ramparts of Marrakesh. The hotel is inseparably attached to its magnificent gardens, which were gifted to Prince Al Mamoun as a wedding present in the 18th century. The passing centuries have brought ever more culture, refinement and know-how to the hotel.

La Mamounia carries with it this prestigious past and its Arabic-Andalusian culture, rich with splendid colours, shapes and materials, which it nurtures and celebrates.

Great Figures

"It is one of the most beautiful places in the world" declared Winston Churchill to Franklin Roosevelt in 1943. A true declaration of love, in the same way as all of those that have graced the history of La Mamounia. Artists, statesmen, Hollywood stars, authors, and other great figures have fallen under the spell of this place, its refinement and the exceptional welcome received at La Mamounia. A unique experience.

La Mamounia as an artist's muse

This multi-faceted place, its architecture, Arabic-Andalusian decoration, and fantastic views over the gardens, the Koutoubia, the Atlas Mountains and the park have all been sources of inspiration and creativity. La Mamounia and its spirit have inspired artists and writers, and enriched the experiences of those who stay here, and take the time to explore and understand it. This Moroccan palace has never been more alive.

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