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La Mamounia –
Art and Culture

The history of La Mamounia is permeated with art in its various forms. In the past and still today, the inseparable worlds of art and culture breathe life into the hotel.


Art everywhere you look

A glance at the ceilings or the Andalusian patio suffices to understand the artistic richness of the hotel. La Mamounia is an encapsulation of expertise, noble materials, and hours of painstaking work. Each hand-crafted item is a work of art in itself. La Mamounia is a living tribute to the skills and dedication of craftsmen and women. The hotel has only the greatest respect and admiration for the sculptors of marble and wood, coppersmiths, Maalem (Moroccan master craftsmen) specialising in tadelakt, gebs (carved plaster) craftsmen and others who have made it what it is.

La Mamounia also comprises photographs and pictorial works that recall Morocco past and present, such as the paintings by Besancenot in the Majorelle Gallery, which depict scenes of the Orient and traditional dances, and the photographs by Gérard Rondeau in La Bibliothèque (the library). Each floor is dedicated to an artist: Saadi Moulay Mhamed, Alan Keohane, Suzanne Porter, Michèle Maurin, Saâd Tazi and Yvan Moreau. All share a love for Morocco, its culture and its people.

Take a stroll through the hotel and immerse yourself in an artistic journey!

Modern patronage: our temporary exhibitions

With its vast lobby, Andalusian patio, fountains and gardens, each with its own light, colours, shapes and contrasts, the hotel is an exceptional and fertile showcase for contemporary works of art. The result is striking. The hotel has always promoted both young talent and established artists.

80 photographs taken by amateur photographers and tourists offered a glimpse into life in Marrakesh in the 1930s; an original exhibition brought together perspectives of Churchill – one of the hotel's iconic figures – and Hassan El Glaoui, who recently stated: "I became a painter thanks to Churchill". Then there are the colourful and offbeat sculptures of Julien Marinetti. Imagine blue and orange ducks, like children's toys, floating in the pool of Le Marocain restaurant, a bronze and golden bulldog and other colourful animals placed here and there to create a surprising and visually pleasing effect.

As a venue for exhibitions and events, La Mamounia contributes to artistic and cultural life in Marrakesh.

The Literary Prize of La Mamounia

Seven internationally recognised literary figures – writers, journalists and academics – gather each year at La Mamounia to promote French Moroccan literature. The La Mamounia Prize was created in 2009 and has been a resounding success year after year.

It includes meetings and exchanges in the hotel's inspiring setting, which is conducive to imagination, poetry, art and literature. It has become an essential literary event.

Past prize-winners:

  • 2015: Leila Slimani
  • 2014: Reda Dalil
  • 2013: Rachid O.
  • 2012: Mohamed Nedali
  • 2011: Mohamed Lefta
  • 2010: Mahi Binebine

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