La Mamounia –
a palace-hotel in Marrakesh

The story of La Mamounia
A legendary palace that is part of the fabric of Marrakesh, its history, colours and traditions.
A story bursting with life that offers a chance to taste the charms of Morocco's fine art of living.

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La Mamounia welcomes you

A cocktail with friends on the cool Majorelle esplanade or a liqueur in the sumptuous interior of the Churchill bar?

A dinner to share around Moroccan, French and Italian cuisine, on the terrace or indoors in a warm and welcoming setting?

Or maybe simply a stroll in the gardens followed by tea at Le Menzeh.

If you feel like being pampered, opt for a Spa Pass and enjoy a Spa treatment, lunch by the pool and an afternoon of doing absolutely nothing.

The luxury of our palace hotel is yours to enjoy! Enter the hotel and taste the spirit of La Mamounia.

***An elegant dress code is required in all public areas.
Wearing pairs of shorts is not allowed in bars and restaurants as from 6pm.***

La Mamounia – full of life

Everything here is something to experience.

A stay at La Mamounia is a visual experience, with plays of light between indoor and outdoor spaces, and beautifully contrasting colours, such as the zellige tilework in Majorelle blue, green and orange. It is also a tactile experience, with the flowing lines of arabesque sculptures, the textured and velvety smooth fabrics, and the gentle warmth of wood, as well as the subtle, enchanting presence of water in the hotel's fountains and ponds – a beautiful symbol of life.

The hotel also offers delights for the nose, with fragrances of jasmine, orange blossom, cedar and powerful leather. Last but not least, there are delicacies for the palate, such as almond milk and dates, which are served to welcome guests to the hotel in keeping with the Moroccan tradition of hospitality.

A powerful experience for all the senses.

the ultimate luxury

Since its beginnings, La Mamounia has embodied all the refinement of Morocco – an Oriental atmosphere comprising noble materials crafted with remarkable ancestral know-how, as well as plays of light and perspective, and a harmonious blend of plant and mineral features, all of which combine to create a powerful sensory experience. All of this is enhanced with unobtrusive modern facilities. A beautiful and outwardly simple presentation. You simply have to experience a stay at La Mamounia in Marrakesh.

A unique spirit

La Mamounia superbly combines the Oriental atmosphere of a beautiful Moroccan home with all the comfort of a palace.

Offering a sumptuous setting and an elegantly simple welcome, the hotel is a fine example of Arabic-Andalusian architecture, a showcase for master craftsmanship, and a living testament to an illustrious past. Enjoy the hotel's warm and welcoming spirit.

La Mamounia has a soul, just waiting to be explored.

The gardens – fragrances and colours

Take a leisurely stroll in the gardens, along the central alley lined with ancient olive trees, and savour the fragrances of orange blossom or Madagascar periwinkle as you pass the flowerbeds.

The gardens of La Mamounia are simply magical.

They are an invitation for the mind to wander and dream, with a beautiful array of bougainvillea, prickly pears, palm trees, cactuses of all kinds and other fruit trees, including some 1,200 plant species!

Let the gardens work their magic as you wander aimlessly around their eight hectares, sit on a bench to listen to the birdsong in the peaceful calm, while a refreshing breeze gently blows.

In a land of

The Kingdom of Morocco, the Imperial Cities and Marrakesh – A dream setting

With the snow-capped Atlas Mountains as a backdrop, the medieval ramparts as protection and the luxuriant gardens as a welcoming haven of peace, this 'Moroccan home' is filled with culture, traditions and fragrances.

Year after year, it has nurtured and preserved its beautifully authentic soul.

A thousand and one stories

It all began in the 12th century with an oasis sheltered beneath the ramparts of Marrakesh. Six centuries later, Prince Al Mamoun, who received the gardens as a wedding gift from his father, gave it his name. The years passed and, in 1923, the hotel La Mamounia opened its doors, offering a subtle blend of Arabic-Andalusian architecture and Art Deco style. A legend was born…

Decades of stories large and small would follow. It has been visited by great statesmen, such as Churchill and De Gaulle, as well as political figures, Hollywood stars, artists, fashion designers and literary figures. Charlie Chaplin, Edith Piaf, Ray Charles, Marguerite Yourcenar, Elton John, Marlene Dietrich, Maurice Ravel, Yves Saint-Laurent, Paul McCartney... All of these people have graced La Mamounia with their presence and contributed to the legend of this luxury hotel.

If the walls could talk, they would surely have some stories to tell...